Paul Bocuse passed away on January 20th, 2018, but his legend, along with his recipes, will live forever.

In the years of French Haute Cuisine, he was the inventor of the so called Nouvelle Cuisine (a lighter, less calorific alternative to the former), only to dismiss it a few years later.

He was also responsible for the commercial approach that most Celibrity Chefs display today and he was actually the first cook to think about the Chef role as a celebrity.

He was famous for his dry sarcasm and his sharp humor. Among several quotes which are crowding the internet in these day we have selected three which we think best describe the greatest French Chef since Escoffier.

Here are the three best quotes from Paul Bocuse:

  • Question: “Who does the cooking when you’re away?”, answer: “the same people who do when I’m here”
  • “Nouvelle Cuisine means not enough on your plate and too much on your bill”
  • “Food and sex have much in common”
Paul Bocuse’s Quotes
Paul Bocuse’s 3 Best Quotes